Events & Meetings

2022 MAYC Events & Meetings

“Pierless In Our Own Time”

Riverside Marina
Wednesday, July 20
5 :30 – 8 :00pm
Enjoy the river!
Free appetizers! Cash bar.
145 Mary Ingle Hwy, Dayton, KY

Beer Sellar
Thursday, August 11
5 :30 – 8 :00pm
Enjoy the river!  Great patio!
Free appetizers! Cash bar.
301 Riverboat Row, Newport, KY  41071

Monk’s Cove
Tuesday, September 20
5 :30 – 8 :00pm
Enjoy the great Mt. Adams patio!
Free appetizers! Cash bar.
1104 St. Gregory Street, Cincinnati, OH  45202

Hi-Fi Cincy
Wednesday, October 19
5 :30 – 8 :00pm
Have fun at our newest Mt. Adams Yacht Club dock!
Free appetizers! Cash bar.
941 Pavilion St., Cincinnati, OH  45202

Thursday, November 17
5 :30 – 8 :00pm
Quick meeting and lots of fun!
Free appetizers! Cash bar.
1101 St. Gregory St., Cincinnati, OH  45202



Please find below the community service events of which MAYC members have the opportunity to volunteer:

Mt. Adams Spring/Fall Clean-Up
Art on the Hill Spring/Summer/Fall
HCI Festival Booth – August

Pay for Special Events by clicking on the MAYC burgee below. Please enter the event name in the “Item Description” box, then enter the total price you are paying (example: if you are paying for yourself and a guest, enter the total of both) in the  “Item Price” box.  LEAVE THE QUANTITY AT “1”. Click “Continue”. Enter your PayPal information OR pay with debit or credit card, by selecting “Pay with debit or credit card” BELOW the Log In blue bar. Thanks!

Stay tuned!

Since its launch in 2003, the Club’s mission is to provide its members with enjoyable ways to mix, mingle and create friendships. The Super Bowl Dip-Off Party, St. Patrick’s Day Party, the Blessing of the Fleet and the Annual Anniversary Celebration are a few of its traditional gatherings.

Special events are planned throughout the year and pop-up events surprise members, as well! Experience the Bounty of Good Times with Great Friends!

MAYC reserves the right to make changes to details of events as needed. Please check event details sent to your email for notices sent within a week of the event.

MAYC provides food at most of our regular monthly meetings (but not “Pop-up Events nor Final Fridays). Club members & guests must purchase their own beverages.

Entrance Fees may apply to members and guests, depending on the event.